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Electrical Stimulation and Interferential Therapy

At your first appointment, your Physical Therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and develop a personalized rehabilitation treatment program with you that may include Electrical stimulation/interferential therapy.


WHAT Is Electrical Stimulation and Interferential Therapy ?

Electrical stimulation (e-stim) and Interferential use electrical pulses to mimic the action of signals coming from neurons (cells in your nervous system). These mild electrical currents target either muscles or nerves.

E-stim therapy for muscle recovery sends signals to targeted muscles to make them contract. By causing repeated muscle contractions, blood flow improves, helping repair injured muscles.

Electrical stimulation/interferential therapy

Interferential is a type of e-stim that focuses on pain relief that sends signals on a different wavelength so they reach the nerves, rather than the muscles. Interferential current can block pain receptors from being sent from nerves to the brain.

Benefits of Electrical Stimulation and Interferential therapy


Relieving Muscle Spasms.

Electric muscle stimulation can relax muscles, easing tightness and soreness.


Working Weakened or Atrophied Muscles.

Broken bones, soft tissue injuries, neuromuscular disorders, and certain forms of illness can inhibit movement and exercise, causing muscles to become weak from disuse.
E-stim can be used to keep these muscles active and prevent atrophy.


Retraining Muscles After Surgery or Illness.

Occasionally, following orthopedic surgery or illness a patient may have difficulty contracting muscles at will. In such cases, E-stim can be used for muscle re-education. The electrical impulses contract the muscle involuntarily.


Aiding Athletic Recovery.

E-stim active recovery program settings use specific low-level frequencies to increase blood flow, remove lactic acid, release endorphins, and promote muscle relaxation.

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Clinical research shows that the sooner you get started with active rehabilitation, the less likely you will need unnecessary tests, medications, or surgery.

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At your evaluation appointment, you will meet with a physical therapist who will perform a thorough evaluation that includes:

  • A review of your health history and your specific symptoms.
  • A thorough examination that includes assessing the quality and quantity of your movements, and any factors that might put you at risk for delayed recovery or might indicate a serious health problem.
  • Assessment of how you use your body at work, at home, during sports, and at leisure.
  • Determination of the diagnosis and impairments that are causing your pain and establishment of a treatment plan of care.


What Our Clients Say

Beth Farmer

I was pleased to work with Phillip to regain mobility and strength in my right arm following surgery. He is an experienced, highly credentialed therapist who applied the right balance of clinical knowledge, patience and persistence, and positive encouragement to help me over the course of 3 months of PT. Front-desk personnel and assistants were terrific also–thanks to JoAnne and Danny. An added bonus is the location if you live or work in the Reynolds/Fairview area of Asheville.

Jeff Byrum

Some months ago, I woke up and found I couldn’t walk without serious pain in my lower back. Then: my doctor, surgical spine consult, MRI, cortisone injection, and the pain persisted. And then: physical therapy with Southeastern Physical Therapy! PT? I’ll admit I was skeptical. But now, several months later, the pain is gone, and I’ve graduated! I have a set of balance and core-strengthening exercises I learned at PT, and do (almost) every day. In addition to banishing the pain, the exercises enhance some obvious components of well-being. My knowledgeable and dedicated trainer and coach was Mike P. Kudos to Southeastern and Mike! I highly recommend them!